Ideas For A Garden

What Are The Best Ideas For A Garden?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your garden, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will share some of our favourite ideas for creating a beautiful garden space. Whether you’re looking for simple landscaping ideas or more complex designs, we hope you find something to help get your creative juices flowing. So, let’s get started!

Start Small With Container Planting

Where would we be without container gardening? It works for absolutely every type of garden space under the sun for the simple reason that you can position your plant pots wherever best or possible for your space. Container gardening is brilliant, especially for renters who want to take their plants with them, as you have the chance to get creative with both the plant and the pot to make a really beautiful display. Mix it up with herbs and scented flowers. For example, hydrangeas look great in a container, while you can team upright florals alongside trailing plants like Creeping rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus) or Ivy (Hedera) for more interest.

Grow Herbs And Blooms (Even On A Balcony)

Raised beds are roomy and perfect for vegetables that need it most. But should you be short on space, containers work a treat for many types of veggies, flowers and most especially, for herb gardens. So for those that enjoy putting their best chef hat on in the kitchen, having the freshest ingredients to hand is a must, and you can achieve it with container planting! 

Display Containers Imaginatively

We love these nifty and beautiful garden ideas as they make a space feel so unique. Working is a lifesaver if you’re in a small garden setting, but this clever trick will work in bigger gardens. Container plants will not only jazz up step ladders (and hide any ugly walls) but having flowers displayed at different levels brings a heightened level of interest and energy to even the tiniest of spaces. So get creative with arranging your containers because they are the most flexible planting option going!

Plant On Wheels

It is a gorgeous example of how to work with what you have, and this is proof that you really can plant anywhere. Think about repurposing as decorative plant containers before taking old wheelbarrows or barbecues to the skip. You may need to drill in drainage holes, but fill them up with an array of the foliage once that is sorted. Try Hosta, Caladiums, ornamental grass, or you could even go for a wildflower mix for added colour and texture. Thrifty and fabulous.

Repeat Planting And Colours For Impact

For an eye-popping display, repeat planting of wildflowers and the likes is the way to go, as seen in the beautiful garden of a restored 17th-century country cottage. Choose tall-growing perennials that are colourful (and hardy) for year-round interest. Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) are an all-time favourite for both modern and traditional or even cottage gardens settings – bees love them too – while Rose mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos), Hollyhocks (Alcea), Valerian (Valeriana officinalis, Caprifoliaceae) and Globe Thistles (Echinops bannaticus) are great choices for bold summer colour and fragrance. 

Frame Your Outdoor Dining Area

Gorgeous borders make for a beautiful display in all garden areas, so consider making raised borders part of your garden design. Choose to plant yours up with a variety of greenery and bright flowers, and build it around an outdoor dining spot for a chic and decorative finish that will make your guests feel like the centre of attention.

Introduce The Inside Colour Of The Year, Outdoors

If the perfect Pantone colour combo features inside your home, why not bring it out into your garden planting too? Chris Bonnett from says that ‘Both shades will look wonderful in the garden. The grey is a perfect backdrop, and the yellow will create a real pop of colour ideally suited to UK gardens.’

Bonnett recommends using varieties such as Rose Campion, Silver Bush, Sear Holly and even some varieties of Lavender for their beautiful silver colour to replicate the grey part, alongside yellow blooms such as Tulips, Daffodils and as you can see above in this bright garden border, Gladioli.

Draw The Eye To A Focal Point

Whether you’ve gravel, stone, cobbled or another kind of garden path, you can make a feature of it with the simple addition of container plants. Line them up in sequence to define the area, and it’s up to you whether you mix and match both flowers and pots or go for a bit of statement repetition. 

Roll With One Statement Colour, Everywhere

If you’ve quite a plain and large garden that you want to add interest to, without going overboard with hardscaping, let one bright colour – like the pink here –resonate throughout for a beautiful colour hit. From the flower beds to the cherry blossom (which will not always be in bloom) to the pink cushions in the outdoor seating area, it’s coherent, simple and frankly quite the masterpiece.

Create An Organic Layout

It’s all about balance when you choose your favourite garden ideas as you want the space to be just as beautiful as it is functional. This garden is large but puts all the space to good use with top-notch garden landscaping techniques. The individual outdoor pockets feel like one by carrying the decking material through to the dining table and the seating area at the back and breaking up the zones with big planting.

Think About Stargazing

Entertainment is a must in a successful garden scheme, and why not turn to what nature has to offer? Choose an open pergola structure to create a super cosy outdoor living room space, complete with a fireplace underneath and make sure those seats are comfy as you will gladly be sat there for hours.

Bring The Festival Home

No Glasto? No problem. Add in a cosy modular outdoor sofa and surround it with festoon lighting, soft patterned furnishings, and a fire pit to ignite that same convivial spirit at home. 

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Make A Garden Coffee Table A Show-Stopper

Your outdoor lounging area is sure to be the spot where everyone flocks to in the garden. So, take yours from day to night in an instant with an in-table fire pit. They are all the rage and a surefire way to embrace long summer evenings outdoors.

Prioritise Investment Plants

Working with the seasons is a must in gardens, and if you plant autumn bulbs, Acres and the likes ahead of time, your garden will be flush with beautiful fall foliage. Think deep crimson colours, bronze and gold.

Plant With The Seasons

To ensure your garden looks lovely, even in cooler months, remember to plan a winter garden display, complete with flowering winter plants and trees like Chimonanthus Praecox. This deciduous shrub blooms pendulous yellow flowers on bare branches in winter – gorgeous.

Viva La Vida Loca

It’s not that eclectic, but it is fun; a straw top pergola transforms this little woodland area of a garden into a forest paradise. Add in Fuschia, roses, and more bright planting (plus a very comfy chair), and you’ve created a very stylish, exclusive holiday spot.

Create A Stunning View With A Slope

Especially important in sloping gardens, planting up to create a beautiful backdrop will be worth it when you’re able to look up and enjoy the view from your patio or even from the back door in all seasons. Choose evergreen plants for year-round interest, while towering wildflowers are a must for the summer months. Although sloping gardens can be more pricey at the design stage, there are unique benefits to this structure, and they make the perfect canvas for water features and even fountains. 

Design Garden Borders With Plants At Different Heights

A little drama goes a long way when you’re looking for garden ideas. Whether you’re a small garden, lawn or no lawn, filling your garden borders with various plants is the perfect way to add interest. The key is to fill all the gaps so that no bare soil is showing – ground cover plants can help with any patches – and to have a mixture of large and small varieties. The specific plants you go for is, of course, down to personal preference, but you should take into account whether they will do well with the positioning in your outdoor space and consider companion planting too. We love how the palm elevates this garden border, complementing the surrounding greenery.

Add Trees That Become Focal Points

Outdoor spaces and trees go hand in hand, and if none currently feature in your garden space, we would highly recommend them.

Should you be so lucky to mature home trees, these can be a great starting point for your garden design, adding natural height and structure to your garden layout. And other than being an attractive feature, trees also create wonderful habitats for birds and wildlife, act as filters for noise and air pollution and, of course, help to purify the air around you. 

If you’re in a small garden, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce small trees in containers. Apple trees, cherry trees and birches are classic garden additions and will take a while to establish, so there’s every reason to start tending to them in small, manageable pots asap. Maple trees bring gorgeous colour, especially in autumn, and along with Olive, Fig and Citrus trees, which aren’t the largest when fully grown so can work well in small to medium-sized gardens. 

Choose Feathery Grasses For Modernity 

If you like a more luxurious garden look, then including ornamental grasses as part of a minimalist planting approach is the best way to achieve that. Include a daybed for extra points, and be sure to keep all your other outdoor furniture streamlined and fuss-free.

Start A Kitchen Garden In Raised Beds

There’s a whole host of fruit and veg that you can grow in your garden, and having a kitchen garden is one of the most satisfying and wholesome pastimes. More and more people have been rediscovering how to grow your produce at home in recent times. There’s endless beauty to working with nature, and you can do it no matter what size garden you have. What’s more, you will feel so proud when you’re having a cup of tea in your garden, only to see all your fruit and veg growing happily. Many even flowers, like courgettes and broad beans, so you’re guaranteed a gorgeous – and tasty – display. 

Create An Organic Garden

Organic gardening is the way forward for us all. And, it’s a great garden idea that will not only benefit your health, but Mother Nature’s too. Without using pesticides and by being resourceful in your garden space, you will enjoy a beautiful display of plants and most likely some great wildlife too.

Pick Low Planting For A Small Courtyard To Exaggerate Space

Using low planting in a courtyard garden is a great way to create the illusion of space when in need of small garden ideas. When a lot is happening at ground level, especially with the addition of garden lighting like this Malvern outdoor lighting bundle from Lights4Fun, and accessories, it adds interest and more depth to what you thought was just a pretty common courtyard.

Choose Rambling Climber Plants To Create Privacy

Climbing plants will bring glory to every garden space. Climbers are enormously inviting to wildlife and offer beautiful views and backdrops in the process. Trailing foliage and fragrant flowers add interest to vertical surfaces, pergolas and to any space you have; plus, trailing plants are the ideal solution to unsightly garden walls, trellises or areas of your outdoor space which would be better off concealed. 

Some plants will need training and tying in to start them off on your structure, – such as Jasmine (Jasmine Trachelospermum), Honeysuckle (Lonicera) and Clematis (Clematis x jackmanii), but they will then intertwine themselves. At the same time, others like climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris) and Ivy (Hedera) are self-clinging and will support themselves.

Ideas For A Garden

Plant Indestructible Succulents For Low-Maintenance But High-Impact

We are big fans of plants that you can’t kill, which is why succulents are a no-brainer for every type of garden space, even when container gardening. Whichever you choose, their cool colours, shapes and texture will bring a modern feel to your outdoor space, and you need to pot them up in coarse, gritty soil, in a pot that has to have drainage, set them up in a sunny spot and then you can let nature do the rest. 

Create A Green Wall – But Frame It

We love the added impact that the frame adds to this succulent display, and introducing a green wall, also known as a living wall, is a surefire way to add interest to your garden. Visually, these garden ideas are beautiful and will draw the eye up, creating the illusion of a grander space, while they also help create a soothing and positive ambience that we all want in a garden. But, then, as little floor space is required for this feature, it makes it the perfect addition to small gardens. 

We recommend that you opt for evergreen varieties to ensure a beautiful display all year. Climbers are a great choice if you want your green wall to grow up directly from the ground, so Jasmin, Honeysuckle and the like are nice options.

For a natural finish, try ferns such as Adiantum (maidenhair fern) and different varieties of Ivy (Hedera). While succulents, as seen in the above living wall, will create a stylish and tidy finish. Another bonus with succulents, as mentioned, is that they are very hardy and can take all sorts of weather, which means you won’t have any trouble maintaining your green wall all year round! 


We hope you found this list of garden ideas helpful. If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our other blog posts on landscaping and gardening. And as always, if you have any questions or need help with your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect garden for your home. Thanks for reading!

FAQs About Builders Melbourne

How Do I Layout My Garden?

As a general rule, put tall veggies toward the back of the bed, mid-sized ones in the middle, and smaller plants in the front or as a border. In addition, consider adding pollinator plants to attract beneficial insects that can not only help you get a better harvest but will also prey on garden pests.

How Should I Layout My Vegetable Garden?

North to south direction will ensure that the garden gets the best sun exposure and air circulation. A garden that runs east to west tends to get too shaded from the crops growing in the preceding row. Grow tall items such as corn or beans on the north side of the garden to keep them from shading smaller crops.

What Month Should I Start A Garden?

Planting a prosperous garden begins far before the spring growing season. So it’s best to start preparing a garden in the fall.

What Should You Not Plant Near Tomatoes?

Plants that should not share space with tomatoes include Brassicas, such as broccoli and cabbage. Corn is another no-no and attracts tomato fruit worm and corn earworm. Finally, Kohlrabi thwarts the growth of tomatoes and planting tomatoes and potatoes increase the chance of potato blight disease.

Are Used Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?

To use coffee grounds as fertiliser, sprinkle them onto the soil surrounding your plants. Coffee grounds make great fertiliser because they contain several key nutrients required for plant growth. They can also help attract worms and decrease the concentrations of heavy metals in the soil.

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