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What Are The Best Tacky Home Decor?

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    You hold your house in the highest regard and protect it as though it were a religious shrine. What you once felt was beautiful may no longer appeal to you. In that case, you should take a breath and assess your interior design. Do you feel like your house is tacky?

    There are undoubtedly a number of ways in which your home appears tacky despite the fact that you may not realise it. Are you wondering about how ugly your house would look? We've got you covered.

    The aesthetic appeal of any given piece of home decor will, of course, depend on the individual seeing it.

    Everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes a beautiful scene, but there are some elements that may use an update.

    Our number one goal is to make sure that even when you are employing less expensive materials, your home will never look cheesy.

    Let's have a look at how these simple yet ingenious hints can instantly elevate your home's aesthetic.


    Having a continual layer of clutter over your home's decor and design will make it look sloppy and unappealing no matter how well thought out it is. More than anything else, clutter impedes the natural flow of a space and immediately makes any design choices appear less purposeful. Clutter is an issue that can be addressed, which is excellent news.

    Bad Lighting

    The mood and atmosphere of a space can be drastically altered by the lighting. In addition to emphasising any cheesy decor choices that may have been made, bright white light can quickly make a place appear lifeless. On the other hand, while dim, basic illumination is appropriate for basements, it may rapidly make a man-cave feel too much like a cave. If you give some thought to the lighting in a space and experiment with different bulb and fixture combinations, you might be astonished at the dramatic effect on the atmosphere.

    Too Much Diy Furniture

    Even though we at the Family Handyman appreciate a good do-it-yourself furniture project, there may be too much of a good thing. For instance, a handcrafted end table can serve as both a conversation piece and an attractive complement to the room's other furnishings. DIY furniture is great when used sparingly, but when it's used to furnish a whole room, it can look like you just threw together a bunch of old, discarded things.

    Too Much “Trendy” Decor

    Fashions are meant to be temporary. The latest in fashionable design may seem like a wonderful idea at the time, but it can quickly become dated and out of place. If you stick to more traditional designs, you won't have to worry about constantly updating your home to reflect the latest Pinterest fads.

    Generic Gallery Walls

    If you have any vacant walls in your home, a gallery wall is a terrific way to decorate them. Make sure you know what you want to achieve in the room before you start putting together your gallery wall. Don't try to fill an empty wall with mass-produced artwork that looks like everyone else's. When compared to a wall covered in boring, generic artwork, a blank wall is almost preferable. Putting together a gallery wall requires careful planning and an idea of the final result.

    A Crowded Entry

    The entrance to your home is the first thing most guests will notice, and it is also one of the first things they will remember about your home. The foyer will feel claustrophobic, heavy, and unwelcoming if it is overloaded with unnecessary items. Instead, use these foyer decorating ideas to make your home's entrance more welcoming and open.

    Lack Of A Distinct Personality

    We're not advocating for a unified aesthetic throughout your home or insisting that each area be decorated in the same way. That, too, has the potential to make a house seem fake and overpriced. You don't want the rooms to feel disconnected from one another, though. Decorating one area in a contemporary, minimalist style while another is decked out in Bohemian decor provides a jarring effect that makes it look that the home's design was more of a happy accident than a well-thought-out strategy.

    Popcorn Ceilings

    Popcorn ceilings are an eyesore that have been left over from sloppy 20th-century construction methods. Aside from being unpleasant to the eye, the rough, uneven surface makes it difficult to clean and repair. If you have a popcorn ceiling, you should get rid of it. It's a hassle (and a mess), but your ceilings will look great that once popcorn is gone and they've been cleaned.

    “Phrase” Art

    That old adage about "living, laughing, and loving"? It might be just great as a life motto. However, this does not give you permission to spray-paint the message on no less than 14 different household items. The work that consists primarily of generic "phrases" is usually boring and impersonal. Consider creating or acquiring unique works of art to display in your home.

    Light Fixtures

    The impact that a high-quality light fixture may have on a room's style is often underestimated at first.

    A regular bulb placed dead centre in a room can not only alter the illumination, but also the atmosphere. However, something as uncomplicated as a new light fixture may completely transform a space from dull and ugly to stunningly gorgeous.

    Wall Colour/Paper

    Remember when people would paint their walls a sickening shade of green or brown? That's right, get rid of them. In particular, wallpaper with a floral pattern.

    The difference between a tasteful and a garish home might be as great as the wall colour chosen. It's best to keep things simple, so choose either a light or dark tint and coordinate your accessories accordingly.

    tacky home decor (2)

    Small Rugs

    While it may seem inconsequential, it is actually one of the primary contributors to your home's overall tacky appearance. To give you an idea, a little rug slapped down in the centre of the room would be incredibly tacky.

    Picture Frames

    Tacky decor includes old photo frames. Especially multilayered ones that are hefty. Discard them in favour of more minimalist designs that draw attention to the artwork rather than the frame.

    Fake Plants

    This kind of thing gathers dust and starts to seem old because it's constructed out of material. Get some genuine plants to liven up your interior design and purify the air.

    Other plants, like succulents and cactus, are wonderful to have because they don't need much care but still look amazing.

    Cluttered Tables

    A dirty table can give the impression that you don't care about the cleanliness of your home. The side tables would benefit from having a few magazines and books removed and replaced with a single or double decorative item. The better it is, the fewer things are on it.

    Table Cloths

    Table tablecloths are useful for protecting your pricey furniture from stains and scratches, but the reality is that they don't improve the aesthetic value of your home.

    It's best not to use a tablecloth at all if you want to avoid making your home look shabby due to an inappropriate pattern. If you must use one, though, keep the hue bright and striking.

    Finally, avoid utilising very busy designs with a lot of different colours.

    Low-Hanging Curtains And Outdated Curtains

    It's subtle, so you might not even notice it, but it could completely transform the space. Old curtains may completely transform the aesthetic of a room.

    The length, pattern (if it's too busy), and colour of the curtain all have a role.

    Curtains that aren't hung all the way to the floor, like the ones in this picture, can make a room look old even if the rest of the furnishings are modern.

    Also, if the space is already cluttered, choose a light colour for the curtain to avoid making it seem even more so. At the same time as it enhances the room's current decor, it will also serve to draw attention to the space.

    FAQs About Home Decor

    Bright, white lighting is a quick way to make a room feel washed out and makes any potentially tacky design decisions stand out even more. Dim, minimal lighting, on the other hand, can work in basements but can also pretty quickly make a man-cave feel a bit too much like an actual cave.

    Timeless design is quietly understated, simple and sophisticated. This style is designed to be highly functional yet not bland. Your timeless style is subtle, adaptable and outlasts. It’s a style that belongs to both its space and its environment.

    Classic style includes well-made furniture with inlay and carved or turned legs and pieces with ornate detailing, sometimes with a floral or fauna influence. Fabrics with texture, subtle patterns, and stripes mixed with block colours are popular choices.

    Brown is becoming a popular alternative to traditional neutrals. Interior designers told Insider that people choose brown colour schemes over white and grey because they’re warm.

    It may seem tacky to have cat figurines, paintings, and patterns all over your home, but if you watch out for clashing colours and patterns, this trend can also be tasteful. If you’re one of those crazy cat people, cat décor can speak to you and your feline friends.

    Beddings & Throws

    Since the bedroom is a private area in which you should feel most at ease, this can be a challenging area to design.

    However, due to our wide range of personal tastes, we frequently choose items that clash in colour or design. Most of us try to cram as many fashion advice tidbits onto a single article of clothing as we can, but occasionally it backfires.

    However, if the colours of your blankets and sheets don't go with the rest of the room, you'll have to make some adjustments.

    This design is fantastic proof that the designer can make anything look both contemporary and opulent without sacrificing flair or individuality.

    Using a consistent aesthetic approach is a fantastic method for this. Then, if you come across an idea (or multiple) that you find appealing, select the one that seems the most feasible and go with it.

    The purpose of this exercise is to help you discover your personal style so that you may use it to establish a consistent aesthetic and look fantastic.

    It is never acceptable to give someone a little rubber grape that could be mistaken for the real thing. Are you aware of anything else that isn't? An enormous, completely artificial peach that will do nothing but collect dust.

    Anything Macramé

    Officials seem to insist on a macramé renaissance every few years. How could you possibly doubt that? This flowery cloth may remain fashionable for another year at most before being dubbed a major faux pas and ushering in a new cycle.

    Big Fake Plants

    Charming, even, can be a tiny plastic flower. The only places that should have huge fake plants are the lobbies of hospitals and banks. They are unattractive, useless, and should be thrown away immediately.

    Neon Bar Lights

    Stay away from them unless you have impeccable taste and are decorating like A brilliantly stylised retro-chic beach home, which features such bright lights.

    Chequered Bathroom Tile

    After a few cocktails, a bathroom floor covered in Chequered patterns may seem like a wonderful idea. Why? This is probably due to the fact that it looks like the restroom in a bar. You'll wake up and notice that it turns your bathroom into a sterile environment.

    Vertical Blinds

    The use of vertical blinds is a relic of a less refined era in interior design. When opened, they let in very little natural light and instead spread unwelcome shadows over the room. They are people about whom as little as possible should be uttered.

    Unframed Posters

    Only in a college dorm room is it OK to tape posters to your walls. Also, if you're living with four or five other fresh grads in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, this may be the case. Real adults, on the other hand, should shell out the cash for frames.

    Giant Stuffed Animals

    If you don't have children, you shouldn't be reading these. They're terribly in poor taste if you don't. Perhaps you have one but no idea how to use it after winning it in a raffle or at a carnival. One option is to give them to the children of friends.

    Sex Toys As Home Decor Accents

    For some, the act of displaying their own toys on display shelves is both humorous and hip. We can think of more than one home where this style of design was used in the living room.

    Others, however, point out that the Ancient Romans considered anything adorned with flying male genitalia to be lucky. Warning: you are not actually a Roman from antiquity. Store them in your bedroom if you expect guests in the living room.

    Ruffled Bed Skirts

    Intent on permanently eliminating any sexual energy in your bedroom? These puritanical-era textiles are the perfect addition to any bedroom set.

    Giant Lips

    Lip-shaped furniture and mirrors are commonplace in modern interior design. Indeed, some find it sexually alluring. However, if you want something truly seductive, choose a plush, sturdy sofa with rouge upholstery, which will give the impression of lips without actually doing so.


    Pastel Pink

    Pinks that are particularly vivid might serve as excellent pops of colour. Lavender and lilac are examples of off-pinks that can be used as subdued balance colours. However, the majority of the time, pastel pink is a depressing and dated colour choice. This colour scheme evokes a shabby roadside motel in its worst executions.

    Vintage Fridges

    It's wonderful to be nostalgic, but not for your appliances. When this happens, it ceases to be useful and instead becomes a knickknack that clutters up your kitchen. Avoid this choice at all costs unless you're set on having a retro-style refrigerator that's also highly functional.

    A Futon

    The futon, at least in concept, is an impressive feat of ergonomic design. But alas, it serves mostly as a symbol of your inability to make up your mind. Can we get you a bed or a couch? To choose, simply choose one. Get a pull-out couch if you plan on having plenty of overnight guests.

    A Fern

    We should all grow ferns in our gardens. However, as decorative accents for the home, they come across as dated and dull. The best solution is a banana tree. And even something as simple as a split-leaf philodendron!

    Things With Too Many Paw Prints

    We understand you love animals. But the ubiquitous paw prints have a sickeningly cute quality. So as an alternative, a single tile that resembles a lost paw print could be a fun accent to your kitchen floor. Alternatively, a charming addition may be a creative coffee table book on hunting dogs.

    A Freestanding Tub

    The design of such bathtubs can be reminiscent of the groovy Sixties. Freestanding tubs have several advantages, but they are much larger in footprint and water consumption than standard bathtubs. Be cautious if you're thinking about putting one in.


    So, what do you suggest for the gaudiest house accessories? Your personal taste and ideas on what's tacky will determine the answer. Some of our favourite works are included below, but we still need your input! Which trashy house furnishings do you often use? Feel free to post them below or on any of our social media channels. Please share this post with your friends and family to help us get the word out. Best wishes as you deck the halls!

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