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What Are The Tips For Selecting The Perfect Door Handles?

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    Door hardware is an often-overlooked but essential part of any home, and yet there is such a wide variety of options available that it is easy to miss it. The door knobs you choose can have a significant impact on the room's style, so it's crucial to take your time. No matter the scope of any remodelling or upgrading project, it's important to pick the best materials possible to improve your home's visual appeal.

    Knobs Or Handles?

    If there are no preexisting spindle holes in the door, deciding whether you want a handle or a knob is the first order of business. Next, think about who will be using the door, the door's location, and the aesthetic and practical goals of the house before settling on a handle type (passage, privacy, dummy, or keyed entry). Knobs, on the other hand, don't necessitate a wrist twisting motion to open, therefore they may be a bit more difficult to use for some people, especially younger and older ones. However, knobs may be preferable for families with young children because they are less prone to cause accidents.

    To decide whether to use a lever or a handle, you must take into account a couple of factors. Your intended audience and the desired aesthetic. If you're going for a classic look, round door knobs are the way to go. Lever handles, on the other hand, are an option for individuals who prefer a nod to the past's architectural styles. Keep in mind that spherical handles can be difficult to turn while carrying heavy bags of groceries, whereas lever handles are considerably more convenient.

    As one of the oldest and most often used types of door hardware, doorknobs are a timeless classic.

    Door knobs are a great accent for homes with a more understated design, such as those from the Victorian era or earlier. You don't have to stick to classic architecture or a vintage property for their installation to pay off; they can also look great in more modern settings.

    Although their use increased significantly in the early 1800s, door handles are still considered a more recent option. Door handles with a lever allow for a more secure grasp for people of varying physical abilities.

    There are a wide variety of door knobs to choose from, each with its own style, colour, and finish.

    What Style?

    Do you like modern aesthetics more, or do you favour the classic, traditional designs? There are numerous beautiful patterns to choose from, both classic and contemporary in style.

    Handles on a rose give a more minimalist appearance than those mounted on a regular backplate, which is typically more ornate, and are a good choice if you're going for a modern aesthetic. A more modern vibe can be achieved in the home by including silvery tones like satin nickel, pewter, chrome, and stainless steel.

    Purchase door knobs in the same manner as you would for any other home decor project. To begin, think about the style that predominates throughout your house. Then, consider the style of your room and the style of the door the handle will be installed on.

    For a seamless look after finishing a room remodel, think about the other door handles in the house before making a purchase. In other words, you need to decide if you want to go with a handle that stands out from the rest of the pack or one that blends in.

    It's the first step in increasing your home's worth, which is crucial when thinking about selling. Remove yourself from the immediate vicinity of your home and take a look around the outside and inside. Please describe the house's architectural style. A blend of styles, a throwback to the Tudor era, a nod to the Hamptons, or something It's possible to have one outside design and a completely distinct inside design. That's fine, as long as you're aware of the situation before making a decision. We hope this PowerPoint presentation of various home designs and their corresponding knobs and levers will help you sort it all out.

    If Traditional, What Period?

    The door hardware you choose should complement the architectural style of your home, so think about its era before you shop. During the Georgian era, black iron hardware was often used because it complemented the rustic aesthetic of homes and outbuildings. In the Victorian era, nickel and chrome treatments appeared, but the most popular was bright brass, which stands out brilliantly against a black or dark brown door. Brass, nickel-chrome, and iron were frequently used in the construction of rustic dwellings; by the time the Art Nouveau style had taken hold, polished nickel and chrome were also highly sought for.

    When choosing your new door handles, it is important to think about the overall aesthetic of your home as well as the period in which your home was built. Choose door handles that have a contrasting colour to the door so they don't get lost. When it comes to metals, you can mix and match freely so long as the colours and tones are complimentary.

    Warm metals like bronze, copper, and especially rose gold are trending in interior and architectural design because they are such a beautiful compliment both to light and dark colours. These colours are undergoing a rebirth because of how well they complement both classic and contemporary furnishings, making any space feel more elegant and sophisticated.

    What kind of door you have and how you use it will determine the design and finish of the inner handle you choose. For instance, whereas some people choose levers, others opt for knobs. If you have young children or elderly people living in your home, it's probably a good idea to install door levers so that everyone can easily enter and exit the building.

    The Environment

    The finish you choose for exterior door hardware should take into account the weather and other elements outside. Matte black and satin chrome, for instance, are wonderful options since they resist tarnishing when placed near salt water. Use lacquered (uncoated) finishes instead.

    Perfect Door Handles

    The Function

    The purpose of the door must be determined after the hardware has been chosen. For interior doors like closets and halls, a passage lever or handle is recommended. Installing a lockable knob or lever is a good idea in private areas like the bathroom or bedroom. Levers and knobs that don't spin are a good choice for attractive doors, while those that can be locked with keys are the best choice for maximum security.

    Door Setup

    You should check to see if the door handle and lock hardware comes with an installation kit or is suitable for those heavy dominations if you have them in your home. There's typically just room for one external door knob or handle. To avoid having to make an extra hole for the lock, you may want to look into getting one that doesn't require keys. You'll be able to put away some cash thanks to this.

    The Budget

    When you know how much money you have to spend on door hardware, you can shop with confidence. To give just one example, if the door handle gets used over a hundred times a month, it's possible that going with the cheapest option is not the best idea.

    If you want a durable door handle that won't break the bank, look no further than the Anvil door handles. Their low costs, sleek designs, and overall high quality all impress us.

    The Door's Weight And Thickness

    Larger and wider doors, as well as thinner ones, are becoming the norm. You must therefore know the door's mass and its thickness. Different door knobs are made for different thicknesses of doors. Make sure the lever handle can "pull its weight," so to speak, if the door is bulky. It's not going to do the job if you use a lightweight, superstore-bought handle.


    It would be impossible to enumerate the countless metal plating finishes now on the market. There are, to begin, mat and similarly flat finishes, with the colour black being a popular choice. For the hardware aficionado who appreciates a more modern take on an antique look, there are now available antique finishes that mimic the look of genuine antiquity. Both the Antique Nickel and Antique Brass finishes are the product of painstakingly hand-crafted methods that have been fine-tuned to imitate the natural and uneven attributes that come with tarnish and age.

    Think about the rest of the house again. If you prefer black door knobs and chrome appliances, that's OK; just give it some thought. As was previously said, it is preferable to use consistent cabinetry and door furniture throughout the space.

    From an aesthetic perspective, choosing the door handle finish is the most important decision you'll make. Handling material or finish is crucial and can be influenced by the interior decor of your home.

    Given the abundance of available options, it may be difficult to settle on a single finish. There is a dizzying array of options, from shiny chrome to aged brass to sleek black matte.

    Common choices for our finishes are:

    • Chrome 
    • Brass
    • Satin finishes
    • Dual-tone
    • Matt black
    • Nickel

    The popularity of door knobs and handles with satin finishes can be attributed to this recent trend. Door knobs with a satin finish offer a subtle reflected sheen and require only the occasional wipe down with a soft cloth.

    Handles crafted from stainless steel, chrome, Nickel and aluminium can all be found in satin finishes to better complement a variety of decorations.

    If you're having trouble deciding between two different finishes, that's because it all comes down to taste. Choose a finish you like regardless of the decor in your home or the architectural type of your building.

    Combined Kit Or Separate

    In order to function properly, a door handle relies on several different parts working together. First, there's the latch or mortise lock, then there are the mounting components, and finally, there's the handle. Keep in mind that some businesses demand you buy things separately, while others sell whole kits consisting of everything you'll need. This factor also affects the cost, with equipped boxes typically being more affordable.

    What Is The Style Of Your Home?

    Depending on the aesthetic of your property, you may wish to select door hardware accordingly.

    Many older, more conventionally styled homes look well with warmer, rustic finishes like brass or antique black. Subtle finishes are most at home next to unfinished wood, unpolished stone, or a plain white wall.

    By contrast, modern homes benefit from incorporating trendier, brighter finishes like chrome or matt black, which highlight the house's cutting-edge design elements.

    The door hardware of your home should match the sleek, uncluttered aesthetic of your building. If you want to make a statement, for example, choose antique-style handles; these are perfect in a historic home, but they will look out of place in a contemporary abode.

    Whether you live in a classic, period house or a cutting-edge contemporary one, you'll be able to find the ideal door handle design among the wide variety of options available.

    Who Lives In The House?

    You should also think about how everyone in your home feels about the situation. For instance, you could want to lock up a few rooms so that your kids have trouble getting in or out.

    Similar to how you wouldn't want to put locks on the door handles to the kitchen or the kids' bedrooms, you shouldn't put them on the doors to the most used rooms in the house. However, the last thing you'd want is for someone to get stuck within.

    Let's say there are people in your home who are unable to move around freely due to factors like arthritis or advanced age. As a result, this factors into your decision on door handles.

    Using a doorknob requires a twisting motion, which might be awkward for certain people. With a lever door handle, you may get a firmer hold and use considerably less effort to open or close the door.

    Choosing Your Door Furniture

    It's a typical mistake to assume that the knobs, hinges, and latches on a door will already be installed when you buy it. Not at all true. All of these accessories, generally known as "door furniture," must be purchased in addition to a door.

    You may also find that the hardware for a door, such as its handle, latch, and hinge, is sold separately and not as a set. If you're remodelling and your doors even have locks or latches, you can probably utilise them with your new handles; if you're installing brand-new interior doors, you get to choose out all three pieces of door furniture.

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    Choosing Your Internal Door Handle Design

    The same logic should be applied to designing door handles as it would be to any other element of a room's decor. Think about the overall aesthetic of the building, the style of the room it will be installed in, and the sort of door design you intend to use it on before making a final decision. Let's pretend you've decorated your entire home in a conventional style. If that's the case, the aesthetic value of going with cutting-edge angular handles is low. However, if you're set on incorporating modern curves, a door handle made of straight chrome may not be a contrast but rather an eyesore.

    It's also important to think about the various door styles available. Some people, for instance, like to switch up the door style on each floor of their home, while others like to keep it the same throughout. The outcome is that they will have doors of various styles all around their property.

    Door knobs are just one component of the larger door puzzle. If all the doors in your home are the same style, do you want chrome door handles that match so that everything seems uniform, or do you want to give each level or room its own unique look by installing handles with distinct styles? Another thing to think about is whether you want all the door handles to match in colour and finish, or whether you want each door to have its own unique design and colour scheme.

    Do you prefer a handle that echoes your bold door choice, or would you rather draw attention to the uniqueness and distinction between your doors with a more traditional handle?


    You should now begin planning how to implement the fundamentals of colour theory into your own home. We hope these guidelines for choosing paint colours may make the task seem less intimidating. Don't forget about these rules when you're out picking up samples. As a first step, decide what kind of atmosphere you want to establish in each space.

    Do you want a quiet retreat or a lively hangout? Select two or three contrasting colours and begin experimenting after you have an idea of the mood you want to generate. One way to get a feel for a colour is to paint sample squares on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

    FAQs About Builders Melbourne

    Firstly, most of the knobs or handles in your home will match. However, the doorknob will have a different finish on the interior of rooms like your bathroom and kitchen. So yes, it will need to be the same design, but you can use two different colours – one for inside and the other for outside the room.

    That being said, the overall style of your home can sometimes tip the scales toward door knobs instead of levers and vice versa. Door knobs themselves have been around longer, so they tend to look more traditional. A doorknob might be better if you have a Colonial or Arts and Crafts-style home.

    The preference for oil rubbed bronze has been on the rise. It will probably never go out of style because of its association with charm and is timeless. However, many are opting for a more modern flat black which has become trendy for its modern looks.

    In most cases, doorknobs have a minimum lifespan of around seven to ten years. Unfortunately, such a lifespan will likely happen to doorknobs that are not correctly installed but of the wrong grade. Therefore, the best way to prolong your doorknob would be to check it regularly, at least once in a few years.

    The upper part of a knob should turn away from the door latch/lock so one will be clockwise, the other anti. Having them all turn one way is not usual.

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