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What Are The Rustic Modern Home Office Design Inspiration And Tips?

You’re lucky if you’re looking for some inspiration when designing your home office. In this blog post, we’ll look at some rustic modern home office designs that are stylish and functional. We’ll also provide you with some tips on creating your own rustic modern home office. So, whether you’re just starting to plan your home office or you’re in the middle of remodelling, be sure to read on for some helpful ideas.

Decluttered And Spacious Home Office Design

Designing a home office in a small house makes sure the area is as decluttered as possible to make it feel more spacious. Start with a  small sleek table and work around it, keeping just the essentials in mind. A modern lamp, bouncy chair and a rug might do the trick. 

Minimal And Rustic Home Office

Nothing is as calming as white fabric and rustic wooden furniture. If a new bright day motivates you, you must take design cues from this workspace interior.

And Some Art To Your Home Office

If you paint or enjoy art, putting up some pieces on the wall that continues to fuel your creativity is a great way to enhance your home workspace. Add a cosy armchair and get yourself a cup of mocha to let the magic begin every morning!

Home Office Interior Design Is More Like A Cabin

If you tend to spend more than eight hours working and attending meetings, a workspace like this would probably be better for you. While the woodwork helps with storage and a warm vibe to your workspace, the large windows are great to flood the space with natural light and be a view breaker now and then.

Home Office Design – Shelf It Up

It is always a good idea for a bedroom interior with limited space, getting a small desk and shelving up above it to accommodate art and work-related things. Then, add a plant and a lamp next to it and enjoy your cosy creative space.

Wallpapers Are A Quick Fix For Your Home Office

The great thing about wallpapers is the variety one can get depending on the design theme they wish to create, which is just as easy to replace, giving you an option to keep things fresh. A couple of quirky artefacts, and you’ll have yourself a neat yet inspiring workspace at home.

Home Office Design – One For The View

If a beautiful view of the outdoors gets you going more than coffee, you could put up your work desk facing a window or a balcony. And we’re pretty sure the view gets better at night. Another great addition to this workspace is the lamps and speakers, a must for music lovers.

The Entire Wall For Your Home Office

A smart way of making sure your workspace is free from distractions is to have the entire wall dedicated to being your work view. While having the desk attached to the wall saves space, it also gives you a lot of room to move around and accommodate your laptop, paperwork, books and even a cute vase. White overalls also help a space look brighter and more spacious.

Rustic Industrial Nook

It is one of the easiest rustic home office designs to pull off. It shows off a stylish rustic look with natural materials like weathered woods, industrial metals, and organic decor. The layout is compact enough to fit right in the nook under the stairs and has enough furniture to be functional. The ladder bookcase adds an area for storage and an opportunity to display your favourite decor and give the office a little personality. Using neutral colours with warm woods helps create a cosy study vibe.

Modern Farmhouse

It is one of our favourite rustic home office designs because it’s all about weathered woods and natural textures. The individual elements give it that warm, rustic vibe and the crisp geometry of the cabinet and desk legs lend it a modern edge. It is a great way to incorporate a home office into a passthrough space in your home. The desk is a large, unfinished wood slab, and the artwork brings a pop of colour to the space. And the cabinet comes in handy for extra storage and displaying decorative pieces.

Mid-Century Modern Meets Rustic

This rustic home office perfectly blends farmhouse touches with mid-century modern styling. Mid-century furniture with tapered legs, like this walnut wood desk, looks great with rustic materials like leather and jute. A striped rug blends modern and rustic style and adds a cosy base, and using a wall sconce instead of a floor lamp optimises desk space. Finally, the layered learning art adds a stylish and casual touch.

Traditional Rustic Office

We love rustic home office designs that blend traditional pieces, like the leather club chair, with rustic design elements like natural woods and pops of greenery. The colours are dark and moody, so it feels more formal and traditional. This look adheres to a classic office layout with a desk facing a guest chair, so it’s one of the best home office designs if you plan to have meetings at your house often. And the desk is a modern rustic piece but still feels traditional with the oak wood finish.

Rustic Modern Home Office

Soothing Rustic Greens

This rustic home office strikes a perfect balance between relaxed and refined. The furniture has an elegant and sophisticated feel, and the large mirror doubles as wall decor, making the small space appear much larger. The layout is formal, with club chairs facing the floating desk. And the green walls add an earthy vibe and serene touch, complementing the light weather wood pieces in the design.

Modern Rustic Home Office

This work area incorporates elements of both modern and rustic home office design. Modern elements include the clean lines of furniture like the sleek bookcase and desk. And materials like jute and natural wood add a rustic touch. Steer-themed art adds a statement and toes the line between modern and rustic. The office occupies a larger, multi-purpose space, but using area rugs helps to define it as a separate “getting to work” zone. It features ample storage with open shelving, a desk with drawers, and a neutral palette that lets the rugged materials shine through.

Sophisticated Rustic Workspace

This black and white rustic home office look incorporates furniture with rugged touches like natural woods and metals. Then it steps it up with sophisticated details like flowers, delicately carved lamps, and an ornate mirror. The office feels open and airy with slim pieces—even the console has open shelving. Everything is solid except curtains and rug, which add a pop of texture and visual interest.

Minimally Rustic

This style blends minimalist and rustic design elements to create a simple, streamlined look. The bookcase is sleek and has a no-frills vibe, but rustic decor pieces help warm it up. Likewise, the desk is bare and without decor, but the weathered wooden surface gives it that cosy, rustic feel. The neutral colour palette looks great with rustic design’s relaxed, natural vibes and the cool, contemporary minimalism. And, there is plenty of storage so you can keep this rustic minimalist home office tidy.

Add Simple Artwork

One way to make your office space feel more modern and contemporary is by adding a handful of beautiful black-and-white photography or ink sketches. Not only will a simple gallery wall above your computer add a bit of visual interest to your office space, but if you are sharing it with a room with another purpose, it can help define the space.

Carve A Nook In The Kitchen

Who says a kitchen desk can’t feel modern and updated? Here, a lovely little dedicated space in the kitchen creates the perfect desk for those moments when we need to multitask. The colour palette is clean and neutral, and the exposed shelving offers a perch for storage and decor.

Consider A Secretary Desk

If you’re short on space, a quaint mid-century modern secretary desk like this one is perfect for nooks and crannies in your apartment. Creating a dedicated office space in a small home can be challenging, but focus on eye-catching, modern pieces that make a statement without taking up too much real estate.

Try A Scandi Look

If you’re hunting for a modern office space look that is streamlined and minimalist, consider a Scandinavian-inspired desk. This look is perfectly simple and understated and gives you the freedom to accent as you please—without clashing with the larger aesthetic.

Diy A Desk For Two

The great thing about modern spaces is that they can be utterly simple and restrained in a way that makes them incredibly easy to DIY. Here, a simple piece of wood sits on top of filing cabinets to create a perfect custom deck for any space. It is a wonderful idea if you want to create a workspace for two or fit a desk into a challenging layout.

Add A Touch Of Glam

Modern can mean many things to many different home decorators, making it a wonderfully flexible style that you can mould to suit any taste. Mix in a few feminine accents, such as gold-plated hardware or soft pink throw pillows, to add a touch of glam to your modern office space.

Experiment With Abstract Pieces

Splurging on a statement piece, such as this contemporary bold orange chair, is a great way to give your work-from-home space a ton of personality. Pair with a lacquered desk to give your office an ultra-modern feel and create a mirror effect that will make any space feel larger.

Embrace The Storage

The best work-from-home spaces are not only bright and welcoming, but they are incredibly functional as well. Consider what you enjoy about your employer’s office space (or your favourite high-end corporate campus) and try to recreate that at home. Here, multiple modern filing cabinets offer the perfect out-of-sight storage.

Consider Storage That Blends In

We love a great selfie like anyone, but sometimes a small office area doesn’t have enough visual space for big, bulky bookshelves. So instead, opt for a wall unit in the same colour as your wall to create a custom look and feel that won’t make your room feel closed-in or small.

Embrace Boho

Boho is having a moment right now, so why not embrace this look in your home office? Consider wicker or natural wood combined with a neutral colour palette and, of course, plants. Go with cacti if you have the light, or opt for a house plant that requires less natural light if you don’t live in a sunny climate.

Fall In Love With Moody Colours

While many modern office spaces tend to lean neutral, with white or grey colour palettes, something is soothing and cool about a deep, moody wall. A dark wall colour, such as navy blue or hunter green, can help add endless depth to your room and make you feel concentrated and calm.

Bring Back Wallpaper

If you associate wallpaper with your grandma’s kitchen, it’s time to give it another chance. Bold graphic wallpaper is a great way to add an accent wall in your office and create visual interest without bringing in a lot of extra accessories or objects. For the least amount of effort and mess, consider a removable wallpaper.

Skip The Desk

A big, bulky desk can feel stuffy and outdated, so if you don’t need a lot of storage space or extra drawers, consider repurposing a simple table to use as a desk. Also, because most of your files are probably stored in the cloud, you may not need all of those filing cabinets or drawers anyway.

Add A Funky Accent

While modern style is typically streamlined and devoid of unnecessary accents or embellishments, that doesn’t mean it is boring. Instead, look for unique pieces like these bookshelves that can offer a bit of personality and unexpected charm to your home office. Remember, if you work from home, you will be spending a lot of time there, so why not make it a room you love to walk into?

Rustic Modern Home Office

Bring The Outside In

A light-filled modern space lends itself beautifully to greenery and natural accents. Plants help clean the air, but they can also help reduce fatigue and stress—which can help you focus on that presentation a little more closely.1 No natural light? Consider a faux greenery dupe instead.

Mix In Traditional Elements

Sure, modern spaces often rely on clean lines and sleek shapes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with adding in a few traditional pieces. For example, a vintage desk with a few traditional embellishments can still feel modern if you keep the rest of the space simple and streamlined.

Carve Out A Corner

This modern boho office is everything we love about minimal and eclectic spaces, but we can’t get enough of that oversized wicker chair in the corner. It adds a fun element to the office, but it also provides a wonderful perch when you need to change it up and work from a different location.

Studies say that moving around during the day can improve productivity, so that an accent chair can be a great addition to your office.

Pare It Down

Modern spaces work extremely well with pared-down, minimalist decor. Instead, opt for a few pieces of simple wall art or a few accents to create a neutral, calming space that doesn’t feel cluttered or overdone. A monochrome colour palette is another great way to keep your space clean and understated.

Add A Light Fixture

Getting the lighting right in your home office is essential for productivity, and swapping out an outdated light fixture is one of the easiest upgrades you can make to any room. This DIY can be done in a few hours and take your work-from-home game to the next level.


So, if you’re looking for a way to mix the old and new in an attractive and inspiring way, take some tips from these rustic modern home office designs. And don’t forget to add your personal touch – after all, it is your home office! So, what do you think of these rustic modern spaces? Do they inspire you to create your unique work area at home? 

FAQs About Builders Melbourne

What Is Modern Rustic Design?

The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. The colour scheme is very simple, with large windows bringing the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best!

What Makes A Design Rustic?

Rustic design is a style that’s natural, aged, organic, and maybe even a little distressed. Design styles like farmhouse, Tuscan, or coastal can also be rustic. Rustic is the opposite of modern or contemporary design. The rustic decor also feels completely unpretentious or stuffy.

How Do You Make A Modern Home More Rustic?

Modern rustic embraces elements of the industrial trend; think live edge wood, raw unfinished metals and clean lines. Stay clear of colourful decorative finishes and incorporate simple designs with an industrial edge that allows the materials to shine.

Is Rustic And Farmhouse The Same?

While wood, wood, everywhere describes both farmhouse and rustic styles, in contrast to the farmhouse’s somewhat refined aesthetic, rustic decor is all about keeping wood elements as close to their natural appearance as possible: taking advantage of the natural shape, grain, knots, and imperfections for visual impact.

What Does A Rustic Home Look Like?

One of the defining characteristics of a rustic home, whether cottage or coastal, is the use of natural materials. That means lots of wood and stone (both in furniture and on ceilings/walls) and fabrics like burlap and canvas.

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