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What Are The Design Tips To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter?

When the summer heat is unbearable, you don’t want any extra layers of cosiness in your house that can capture humidity or trap heat. But, as soon as the colder weather arrives, we’ll be spending more time indoors, which is an excellent opportunity to layer your décor and bring more warmth to your home. So, as you’re preparing for the most exciting holidays, check out these tips that will help you make your home super cosy for winter.

Create A Cosy Reading Nook

If you’re a book lover, you already know there’s nothing better than reading under a warm blanket while it heavily rains outside. But, to make these moments even more unique, you can create an intimate and cosy reading corner where you can indulge in reading during the holidays. So, pick a perfect spot, and make it as unique and relaxing as possible.

It’s advisable to consider your seating options and, if possible, opt for an armchair that will provide ultimate comfort during long reading sessions. Then, include a few shelves in your design to add more storage space for your favourite classics. Finally, it would be best to keep a table lamp nearby if the lighting system in your room doesn’t fully illuminate your reading nook.

When it gets dark out so early, it’s easy to fall into a TV-binge-watching hole. Create an alternative way to spend your downtime by feathering a comfortable space where you can curl up with a favourite book, a glossy magazine or your tablet. Keep plenty of pillows, a quilt, a good light to read by, those materials you’ve wanted to get to, and a perch for a hot cup of something.

Decorate With Candles

Decorating the living room with candles is an excellent way to make your living space smell great and feel more relaxing for winter. Pick scents that remind you of this season if you love scented candles, such as vanilla, gingerbread, cinnamon, or mint. Place your candles on a decorative tray, and pair them with other tabletop decorations and accents.

Bring The Outdoors In

Cold weather will keep you stuck in your house, which is a good reason to bring the outdoors in and enjoy your holidays surrounded by nature. Consider decorating your walls with wood accents, such as a new frame for a family picture or a painting that depicts natural scenery.

What’s more, try taking care of some low-maintenance indoor plants if you miss the summer. You can also use other natural materials such as leather or wool to add texture and an additional layer of cosiness.

Create A New Focal Point

Gathering around the fireplace during cold fall and winter days is a great way to strengthen your family bonds. Luckily, you can encourage your family or guests to cosy up near the fireplace by creating a new focal point in your living room. 

Of course, you will have to rearrange the furniture and add more seating options near the fire. Although this decor is only cosy during colder days, shifting your conversation area to the fireplace is a great way to keep yourself and your guests warm.

Experiment With Texture

Different textures and layers of soft fabrics can enhance your winter decor and highlight the beauty of your home’s interior design. In addition, if you have children who love to play on the floor during cold winter days, it’s advisable to enhance comfort and make their activities more entertaining. Believe it or not, you can do that by installing a wall-to-wall carpet.

This flooring option that you can find in every carpet store provides thermal insulation and a comfortable place to sit or play. But more importantly, this material will bring more coziness and texture into your home, and it will keep your children from catching a cold.

Find A Cosy Blanket.

You can prepare your living space for colder days by placing new blankets over sofas and chairs. Layering with blankets in the room where you spend most of your free time will create a welcoming atmosphere that will invite everyone to join in and cosy up on the couch. Whether you want to drape or neatly fold your blankets before incorporating them into your design, keep in mind that this lovely addition to your decor will help you embrace the winter spirit.

Pile On The Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when decorating for winter. Temperatures drop, and you instantly want to wrap yourself up and lay on the couch. Don’t keep it to just one; drape and layer blankets over your couch and bed in classic winter fabrics like fleece, fur, wool and flannel. Use baskets, trunks and ladders to store your extras which is both handy and is a cute home decor accent. Your guests will thank you for the extras, which means you never have to share!

Warm Floors, Warm Toes

Nothing is worse than waking up and stepping onto cold floors. Besides the excess of fuzzy socks and slippers, rugs are the best solution. They keep your toes warm, but they help insulate your place. It is a double win; get actual warmth and the appearance of warmth in one go. It is especially true if you get rugs that are fuzzy or thick. While these can be harder to clean, getting a smaller version like a runner for next to your bed, or layering it on top of another rug, gets you that texture, but the rug is still small enough to wash it. 

Soften Your Lighting

Adding more light to your rooms and softening it can create a warm and relaxed home. You may think there is nothing you can do about the lighting you already have because it is too expensive to alter, you would have to hire an electrician, or you like the light features you have, but this is not the case. Softening your lighting to create a warm glow is as simple as replacing light bulbs or light switches, changing a sconce, or adding a new lampshade.

LED light bulbs can come in different tones. Two that work well for winter are soft white and warm white. Additionally, LEDs can come with remotes that allow them to be dimmed. So if you like the light bulbs you have, or maybe they are too high in the air, and you don’t want to deal with that, you can add a dimmer to your light switches to achieve a similar effect.

There are a couple of ways to soften your light for lampshades. You can go with a lampshade made of paper or linen, or a fun trend is lampshades lined with metallic. If you choose a sconce, pick one that directs the light against the wall. It diffuses it and makes it easier on our eyes while providing a nice glowing appearance.

Softening up your lighting is a game-changer (especially when the reflection of the sunlight bouncing off the snow has been blinding you all day). A warmer glow from a floor lamp or strategically placed firefly lights will trump the harsh, overhead lighting standard in most homes and buildings. So instead, swap the LEDs for something tasteful and timeless. While it might take an initial investment to get the lighting you want, this change will add beauty (and value) to your home.

Go Green

We do not think of gardening but instead snow and brown plants when we think of winter. It doesn’t mean your house can’t be a winter paradise, green thumb or not. The great thing about wintertime is the excess of wreaths, garlands, and similar accents. You can get clippings of winter plants like holly or spruce for vases, add pinecones into displays, and use pine boughs, magnolia, lambs ear, and eucalyptus in your wreaths and garlands. Add in string lights, berries, or candles for even more warmth. These things have a certain lifespan, so they will only make it through the winter, but that is perfect because you will want to opt for fresh tulips anyway in spring. 

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Pillows, sheets, throws and duvet covers are all things that you can swap out for your new winter nest. I have fleece sheets I use in the winter, and they make a world of difference in keeping me extra warm. Going with soft fabrics like fleece, cotton flannel, or velvet makes your bed beyond cosy. When choosing colours, I like to balance my bedding with the rest of the room. I have a white quilt, sheets and sham, but I have a dark green duvet cover and a pop of colour in my throw pillows. If you are going with rich tones on your walls or rugs, as we mentioned earlier, then use neutrals on your bed.

Crisp cotton and linen are great for summer months, but flannel is where it’s at for winter! Trade your crisp sateen sheets for ones that will hold the warmth in, like flannel or jersey. While you’re at it, fold a quilt or throw a blanket over the foot of your bed to have it handy for the coldest nights.

Designate A Spot For Projects And Games

Give this area a pass on daily cleanup. Instead, use it for long-term projects like organising that box of photos, a 1,000-piece puzzle or a nightly game with the family.

Stoke The Fire

Those of us who have fireplaces or wood stoves are lucky ducks. Getting a fire going is the best way to make your house snug and comfortable, and you’ll appreciate it every time you do it. Keep your fire tools and supplies handy, so it will be easy to start your blaze. Then, while you’re at it, deck your mantel with some of your favourite things.

Add Layers Of Light.

Create layers of light and options for reading, visiting and movie watching with an ample supply of table and floor lamps. Put those hoarded 100-packs of tea lights you buy every time you’re at Ikea to good use. Use dimmers to change up the ambience on your overhead lights and ceiling fixtures and three-way bulbs in your lamps that can take them. Around the holidays, you can hang up a string of white lights in a room.

Drape A Warm Blanket Over The Back Of Your Sofa

Doing this makes your throw part of your living room’s “winter outfit” and changes the look, but it is also for practical reasons — you can keep your thermostat low and snuggle up.

Splurge A Little On The Furniture.

The initial investment might be a little hefty but when you can, invest in high-quality furniture that will last for generations and from move to move. When you have classic, timeless furniture, the options for redecorating between seasons will be endless. Another tip: Opt-in for neutral colours so accent colours can be incorporated and swapped with the season.

Think About The Flooring

Hard flooring has been growing in popularity, but flooring is a big decision and should be selected based on your lifestyle rather than current trends. For example, it gets COLD here in Flagstaff and quite warm in Phoenix, so you would expect to see a difference in flooring. If your winters are cold, soft flooring might make sense for your family, so your toes don’t freeze onto the tile or hardwood every morning. On the other hand, maybe you like taking your shoes off at the door and sinking your feet into the plush carpet warmed by the afternoon sun. We are here to help make those decisions based on your wants and needs, but it is all about what you and your family want to walk, leap, skip, lay, roll, shuffle, and crawl on at the end of every day.

Swap In Snuggly Throw Pillows.

Finally, an excuse to splurge on one of those big furry pillows! Add one or two textured throw pillows to your couch (or change the covers on your existing pillows) to make your space look cozy. Other options: Nubby boucle, a woolly cable knit, or a rich velvet. Don’t forget the faux fur throw, too! 

Add Warmth Underfoot.

Sisal and flat-weave rugs are great when warm outside, but you want a little pile for winter. If you don’t have the budget to get a giant area rug, consider layering smaller rugs in strategic spots, like next to the bed, under the coffee table, or in front of your favourite reading chair.

Warm-Up Your Window Treatments.

If you normally have sheer linen curtains, consider trading them out for velvet drapes or any heavy curtain with a thermal lining. Besides making a space look warm and cozy, they’ll insulate the room by blocking cold air from leaking through old windows at night.

Rethink Your Sofa Cover.

Try a new slipcover for the colder months if you have a slip-covered couch—or even if you don’t, but your sofa’s a standard size. Choose a deep jewel tone and a softer fabric than your standard crisp white cotton to give the living room a cosier feel.

Layer Your Kitchen Linens.

Start from the bottom up with A little kitchen rug on the floor in front of the sink, a runner or tablecloth on the breakfast table, and linen slipcovers over your wooden or metal cafe chairs. Anytime you can put a layer of fabric between yourself and bare wood or tile, it’ll feel warmer.

Home Cosy For Winter

Put Your Memories On Display.

They won’t technically make your space warmer, but a mantel full of holiday cards or a wall full of photos from the last year will keep your heart full of warm memories as you get through the next few grey months.


Winter is a great time to cosy up your home and make it feel like a warm, comfortable haven. With just a few simple design tweaks, you can make your living space more inviting for the colder months. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy winter in style! Have you tried any of these design tricks to make your home cosier?

FAQs About Builders Melbourne

What Makes A Home Look Cosy?

You can create a cosy home with wood elements like hardwood floors, wood furniture like a dresser or coffee table, wood shelving or accents like bowls, pedestals and trays. Layer with Rugs – Many options include pet-friendly rugs, vintage rugs, indoor-outdoor rugs, and sisal rugs.

How Can I Make My Living Room Cosy Without A Fireplace?

Pull furniture pieces closer together. Having couches and chairs near one another encourages conversation and creates a sense of intimacy. If you don’t change anything else in your room, the addition of throws or blankets will instantly warm up your space. Paint a wall or the entire room in a softer or darker colour.

What Makes A Good Home?

Good homes need to be mostly ordinary, but not only so. It is not about the home as a building, but rather the house as a unit assembled with others. With their homogeneity and emphasis on privacy, Trendy neighbourhoods snuff out the need for us to experience the difference as something affirming.

Do I Need To Run Water During Freezing?

When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.

How Can I Make My House Feel Warmer?

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat. 
  • It’s Closed-Flue Season, so Minimise Those Romantic Fires. 
  • The Spin on Ceiling Fans. 
  • Move Furniture Away From Vents, Registers, and Radiators.
  • Stop the Draft, Close the Door. 
  • Install a Door Sweep. 
  • Quick-Seal Windows. 
  • Work the Drapes.
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