Sofa Set Designs

What Are The Best Of Sofa Set Designs?

Your living room is where friends and family gather to catch up, lounge and watch their favourite TV shows. The star of your living room is, without a doubt, the sofa. Be it a double-seater perfect for cosy couples or a long sectional made for large gatherings. Wooden sofa sets or those made with leather or rattan, perhaps sofa designs for large spaces or small living rooms. Our guide on sofas for modern living rooms covers it all.

Understanding the different features of the seemingly, never-ending types of sofas is the perfect step to ensure you get the best option. Sofas are classified into modern, traditional, and transitional designs for the uninitiated, each with sub-styles. However, before you dig deeper into the sofa-sphere and confuse yourself, we’ve put together a simple guide to understand the top contemporary sofa set designs for a modern home.  

While it may be possible for you to craft a posh space, it’ll be easy to get confused to know the difference between sofas like a love seat, chaise, or a tuxedo. So for those of you who are in the confusing search for a new sofa, it all starts with learning about your design expressions.

Purchasing a trendy sofa is a great choice for a modern home. It makes the living room look beautiful, feel welcoming, and give further use. There are different options of modern sofas to choose from that come at different price points. So, you may wish to spend your savings on a high-quality sofa that’s worth every cent.  


Another term for a chaise sofa is a long chair. This design features a modern shape, but the sofa can also be adjusted to provide comfortable seating for your back. This sofa is the duchess, exuding a present-day outlook and feminine curves. The sculptural piece will instantly become the centre of attention in your living room. Typically, the chaise sofa comes in 60 inches in length or more. With its contoured back, you can position it in the middle of your living room. It ensures that the frame is visible right when you walk in. The chaise lounge is very current. Don’t you think this is the perfect modern sofa set design for your living room?


If you are looking for sofa set designs for a small living room, the camelback is a great choice. The sofa features an arched back with high points on each side. It explains its name, referring to the animal it is named after. The back of the camelback sofa features one to two humps. It has a modern style that creates a timeless look in any living room.


Most people are often confused between a settee and a loveseat. They are often used together but have differences. A settee is typically designed for three or four people, while a love seat holds two. Loveseats can be purchased as a single piece of furniture and cannot be put together into sectionals. It is one of the most popular modern sofas set designs for the living room.


One of the latest sofa set designs for the living room includes the tuxedo. This sofa features similar heightened arms and back. Its clean lines and geometric designs are commonly cushioned with fabric. This seating has a buttoned-up feature equivalent to the timeless menswear it’s named after. It is timeless and modern.


One of the latest sofa designs for the living room is a track arm. It features a straight and square line. The reason for its popularity is its clean silhouette and modern vibe. These sofas are well-liked among homeowners owing to their compact form featuring an angular and straight-cut design. If you are looking for sofa set designs for a small living room, this subdued sofa silhouette is a perfect option.


Making it to our top six lists of modern is the Bridgewater. This classic sofa is known for its low profile. Its arms are set back low from the frontier of the sofa. Another common aspect of the Bridgewater sofa is its rolled back and skirt effect. The back of the sofa set design offers great laxity. Its cushions make them a perfect choice if you look for adjustable firmness.


Wide, airy living rooms are quite a luxury today. But throwing your feet up is the liberty we deserve. So, if you happen to be in search of sofa set designs for a small living room, the adjustable reclining sofas will show you what multipurpose is. No matter how small your space is, this sofa set design for the living room will serve as a perfect seating option and catch up on some snooze.


It is the latest sofa set design for the living room that we love. The options of Knole sofas are limitless, be it the fabric or colour. This seating option has a long history of the 17th century. It was first designed as an upholstered sofa for English homes. The Knole was one of the most original designs then and now. In modern times, sofa set corner designs for living rooms are defined by flexible arms and cushiony back. It sums up the Knole features. Typically, it comes with exposed wood finishing and sidearms placed at the back of the sofas finished with tassels or braids. It is a great selection if you are looking for modern yet wooden sofa designs for the living room.

Sofa Set Designs


If you’re looking for a stylish seating option that offers comfort and flexibility, a sectional sofa is for you. It features a space-saving feature that can easily be organised to match the room layout. Additionally, if you require an extra bed for overnight guests, a sectional sofa set design will be the best option. This type of sofa will match all living room design schemes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to options for sectionals. YOU’ll be SPOILT FOR CHOICE from U shape sofa set to right-facing designs to L shape sofa set. The L shape sofa design for the living room keeps a smaller space in mind.

Similarly, the living room’s U-shaped sofa designs save space and are extremely versatile. The U-shaped sofa designs for the living room don’t compromise on style either. These types of sectional sofas are current and fit in any living style.


Rounding up our pick on the latest sofa designs for the living room is the mid-century sofa. Characterised by a rectangular design, clean lines, contoured back, cushioned detailing, and wooden legs, the sofa is a perfect choice if you love the timeless aesthetic. If you love mixing modern seating options with other wooden sofa designs for the living room, then this one is a great idea. We also love the idea of wooden depictions in other pieces. Think wooden armchairs and coffee tables.

Invite Nature In With A Wooden Sofa Design For Living Room

If you find the calm of nature meditative, invite it in with a wooden sofa design for your living room. Pick a sofa that shows the natural loveliness of wood and pair it with patterns, colours and textures inspired by nature. Such a space is sure to reduce your stress and improve your well-being.

Elegant L Shaped Sofa Design For Small Living Rooms

Who says you can’t fit a sectional into a small room? The versatility of the sectional sofa is that it lends itself to a variety of room sizes. Pick a three-seater of modest proportions and place it flush in the corner of your small living room. It will allow you to fully utilise the limited floor space and create plenty of seating.

Go Clutter Free With A U Shaped Living Room Sofa Set

Fans of the clean lines and elegance of the Scandinavian aesthetic will appreciate paring back the living room aesthetic. Make a statement using a large sectional like a U-shaped living room sofa set. Keep other furniture and décor elements to a minimum, letting the sofa set centre your living room’s attention.

Someplace To Stretch And Binge Watch

Have lots of family or guests to entertain? Love huddling together to catch the latest on TV? Please bring in a long, narrow L-shaped sofa and face it pointing towards your television. Look for practical colours like darker hues of brown and blue that wear well and are sturdy. Get the sofa, throw it on and bring out the popcorn to get ready to party!

Evening Attire For Your Modern Living Room

Tuxedos are not just formal attire for men; they are a living room sofa style known for clean lines and boxy shapes. Get one for your living room if you like this style – a straight back with arms at the same height as the back. A tuxedo style sofa can add class to any living room. You can go big or small depending on your living room’s dimensions.

Make A Colourful Statement In A Plain Living Room

Add no pizazz to a plain living room by choosing a sofa set in an unexpected colour. Given that sofas comprise such a large proportion of the furniture in the living room, their design style and colour can be a game-changer for the overall look. So, pick a contrasting or bold colour for your living room sofa set and jazz up your space.

A Mid-Century Wooden Sofa Set Design For Small Living Room

Make a small living room look spacious and airy by introducing a sofa set designed in the mid-century style. The mid-century style was known for its high elevated sofas with clean lines and simple silhouettes. Combine a 2+1+1 arrangement or go for a 2+1 arrangement based on available living room space.

Go Sophisticated With A Leather Sofa Design

If the sophisticated and deeply luxurious look is your style, go with leather. Leather sofas, especially in beautiful dark colours such as black and brown, add a sense of mystery to the room. While leather has been traditionally used for sofas, this versatile material seamlessly lends itself to a modern and contemporary style.

Lay Out Squares With A Sectional

Experiment with the number of pieces in a sectional to determine the right fit for you. While many sectionals have two pieces like a sofa and a loveseat, consider the combination that has two – one-armed sofas and a corner chair in the middle. This style partitions your living room into zones, resulting in a pleasing sense of symmetry and style.

A Bit Of Japan In Your Living Room Sofa

The futon is inspired by Japanese bedding and is another superb sofa for small living rooms. A futon can typically be configured in several ways: a couch, recliner, or flatbed. Get a single-seater for tight spaces or combine it with other sofa pieces. You can also get a double futon for a larger space.

A Rattan Sofa That Is Perfect For Two

Rattan is a lightweight, natural and durable material. Sofas made of rattan are visually appealing while bringing a sense of lightness, thus making them ideal for sofa set designs for small living rooms. Limit the number of seats to open a cramped space further up.

Put Your Feet Up During The Day

Get a daybed to solve studio or small apartment woes. This sofa for a small room is a couch by day and a bed by night, making it multipurpose. Unfortunately, these typically do not have back support, but there are things you can do to make it more comfortable in its sofa avatar. For example, throw on plump cushions and place them against a wall for increased cosiness.

A Simple Sofa Set Design For Small Living Rooms

When you are looking to design small living rooms, sometimes the answer lies in keeping it simple. Opt for an L shaped sofa set but keep it compact and fuss-free. Avoid fancy details and rich patterns which are more suitable for large spaces. Instead, pick a neutral colour palette and add hints of texture. Work with the contours of the space to correctly position your sofa.

Bring A Touch Of The Boudoir To Your Living Room

The chaise lounge has a rich history. This long reclining sofa has been synonymous with a psychotherapist’s couch to being a classic item redolent of stylish boudoirs. So put it into your living room as a sofa piece to bring that whiff of style and class.

Go Vintage With The Camelback

The camelback sofa design is traditional, characterised by a camel’s hump in the backrest centre. Exposed wooden legs and exposed wood on the back and arms make the camelback a great choice for a traditional sofa with fabulous upholstery. Modern-day camelback sofas have one, two or even three humps.

You have no shortage of choices for sofas for your living room. Begin by determining the size of sofa your space can afford, the number and arrangement of seats, the style and colour palette. Then, voila! You have a sofa perfect for your modern living room, encouraging you to put your feet up and let your hair down.

Sofa Set Designs

Mid Century Style Futon

Now let’s look at some sofas for small spaces! This futon does double duty, laying flat to serve as a comfortable spare bed for unexpected guests. The modern materials and form were inspired by the minimalist side of Scandinavian design, making it a versatile choice for just about any decor theme. Because it folds backward instead of pulling out, it can sit conveniently next to your favourite mid-century modern coffee table.

Scandinavian Style Convertible Couch Bed 

Simple, stylish, and versatile, this convertible sofa offers a variety of ways to enjoy its comfortable design. Not only can you lay this sofa flat to use it as a bed, but you can also recline the back to enjoy movies or books from a lounging position.


Sofa set designs constantly evolve to keep up with consumers’ changing trends and needs. While some sofa sets remained popular for many years, others quickly fell out of style. What are the latest sofa set designs that are gaining popularity? And what makes them so appealing to consumers? We’ll look at some of the most popular sofa set designs and discuss what makes them stand out from the competition. If you’re in the market for a new sofa set, check out these trendy styles!

FAQs About Builders Melbourne

Which Form Is Best For Sofa Sets?

Commercial Grade Polyurethane foam is ideal for display furniture.

Which Shape Of The Sofa Is Best?

Rectangular sofas are the most popular, but L-shape sofas are also popular. Depending on how big you want the sofa to be and how you want it to be oriented, it could perhaps form a semi-circle or circle around the coffee table.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Sofa?

The traditional three-seat sofa is still the most popular. Many homes have some form of this sofa in the living room. These sofas come in various colours and fabrics, including microfiber and leather. Depending on the manufacturer and style, the design of the sofa will vary.

What Is A Modern Style Sofa?

With a focus on comfort, Contemporary style sofas are often made using modern materials and feature deep cushions and soft fabrics. Working well with a wide variety of room décor, their flexible and simplistic designs can be complemented with soft rugs, cosy throws, and decorative scatter cushions.

What Type Of Sofas Lasts The Longest?

Couches with a dense hardwood frame (like maple, walnut or teak) are the most durable. Tightly woven textiles and leather are long-lasting fabric choices.

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