Wooden Gate Designs

What Are The Best Wooden Gate Designs?

Garden gate ideas can dramatically change the look and feel of your outside space. From split driveway models that are impressive and imposing to the front of house designs ideal for boosting your home’s kerb appeal, plenty of off-the-peg and bespoke options are available. 

Of course, you could also seize the opportunity to commission something unique and handcrafted, which will become part of your home and treasured for years to come. But it’s not just a case of going for a stunning design in a gorgeous finish, and these garden beauties need to be practical, long-lasting and offer reliable security. 

To get inspired for your garden gate ideas, keep scrolling. We’ve rounded up lots of lovely designs to help you choose the best style for your plot.

Whether your style is the classic white picket or a more modern remote-controlled slide, garden gates are an important asset to any home. They’re great for privacy, security, and organising a garden area. However, choosing what kind of entrance is needed for your backyard space with so much versatility may be hard.

Whether you have a large property to cover or a simple side garden, or maybe you want to keep pests out, the only way to do this is with a gate. We’ve compiled a nifty list of great ideas for using a gated fence in your outdoor space. So keep reading and prepare to be inspired! Fence gates are an easy DIY project; invest in a well-built and reliable nail gun.

Weather-Worn Fence

Out of all the cedar fence gate designs, this gorgeous, rustic wooden fence is the perfect touch as an entranceway to the garden! The wood is raw, and because of its natural texture and colour make the whole scene feel rustic and purely country. It would be a perfect style of fence to encircle an old country cottage or an escape house deep in the woods or countryside. The design is overall simple but brings so much character to the space. It is a shorter fence that also contributes to that old-timey feel.

Garden Gorgeous

Using a simple wooden design like this fence is a great way to add character without distracting from the attractive garden behind it. The massive hedges and other curiosities wait for you behind this little fence – what else will you find back there? Adding to this whimsical feel, this mismatched and roughly cut, the raw wood gate is the perfect entrance to what lies beyond. This little fence holds a whole realm of the wonder behind it. I can almost see the white rabbit from here.

Unique & Chic

Here’s an interesting concept to the standard white picket fence idea – add an interesting design to accentuate the gate part of the fence. It makes your fence unique, but it’s also a great way to stand out, especially in a suburban area where your neighbours may have a similar style of fencing. Stand out from the crowd with an interesting idea like this one. This fence is standalone in that it’s a relatively short fence, but it’s truly unique and interesting to look at. It proves you don’t need your whole outside area fenced in if you don’t have to.

Reclaimed Wood Gate

If you love a nice, rustic look or want nothing to go to waste, reclaimed wood to create a simple, attractive gate like this one is a great way to solve two problems. First, you can find some old barn wood, pallet wood, scraps from the woodpile, etc.—and a simple tutorial—and this gorgeous gate will be ready to go in no time.

Colour Play

Adding some colours to your outdoor space is always a good idea. With this gorgeous blue gate, who could drive past and not notice it? The gate breaks up that already great hedgerow, acting as a fence. Break up your property fencing by utilising the natural growth around your house and a gate idea like this one. It looks great and would work perfectly as a perimeter circle. Not feeling the blue colour? Play around with some outdoor paint and see what works for you!

Artsy Fence

This artistic fence and gate combo should be in front of a public school since it’s so adorable. Considering the theme, you could easily personalise a fence and gate setup like this one depending on what you like. For a home, you could use the shape and colour schemes to match an already existing décor or get funky with it and let your kids help you draw all kinds of funny characters. Own a restaurant? Add some splashes of colour with a variety of painted fruits and veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Vintage Vale

Cut-outs in fencing were a major deal in vintage garden settings. Bring that concept to your modern outdoor area by adding interesting cut-out shapes. Spades, keyholes, and hearts – you can add whatever you like to find new fencing that already has cut-outs in them. The older the wood or metal, the more vintage it will look. If you buy something new and prefer it to look vintage, there is always paint and stains to help with that.

Rustic Cottage Gate

If you have a thing for English tea gardens and rustic cottages, this sort of gate might do the trick for you. It’s a simple, wooden cottage gate using new or reclaimed wood – whatever you like. A simple coat of paint or whitewash will freshen the look, or you can leave the rustic, aged wood looking like this for a vintage feel.

Covered Wonder

It is an adorable idea that gives off that chic country feel. Covering a garden or yard gate adds so much character to an already cute idea. Although this gate is not completely covered, it gives the illusion that it is completely covered. It would be a useful addition to a garden with many plants with creeping vines or flowers. The trees in the back of the gate add so much colour and texture to the scene. Plant your trees accordingly to give the same effects to your outdoor space.

Rainbow Post Gate

If you’re looking for something bright, colourful, and fun, you can always go rainbow! Who doesn’t love a rainbow? And if you truly love the rainbow, you can paint each panel of the gate a different colour, starting with yellow and going to the end of the rainbow. Mixing colours just a hint can give you those in-between shades for the perfect gradient.

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Iron Intrigue

Add a decorative iron gate to an existing wooden fence to create an intriguing entrance to your home or garden. There is so much iron décor to choose from, so you can easily find the kinds of decoration that would work perfectly with your fence. The scene in this picture is great because it involves Halloween trick-or-treaters, and the leaves on the iron gate seem like a perfect decorative addition for the fall season. However, leaves are generally great for any season.

Stately Sophisticated

Make the entrance to your home or property look as impressive as the structure itself. With this impressive security gate, guests will feel as if they’ve entered the home of James Bond himself. Security gates are an important asset to your home or property because they offer that extra level of protection. Most gates come with or can easily be installed with a security camera system that can network out to cameras throughout the area. You can never be too careful these days.

Red Doors

The colour red is always impressive. Whether it’s a front door or a great security gate like the one pictured, red is always an eye-catcher. However, a security gate doesn’t need to feel like a security gate when it comes to you via this adorable boxed frame gate. Instead, it is an artsier version of a standard security gate that won’t look as if you have secrets to hide behind that perimeter. This security gate is easily accessible via remote, and this security gate also has a keypad that more than likely houses a camera operating system.

Green & Artsy

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto. But, a whimsical world of colour could be waiting for you just beyond this artistic green gate. This entranceway is perfect for incorporating your more artsy side into your outdoor area. The swirls in this door are incredibly unique and offer so much texture to the space your guests would no doubt be excited to see what awaits them beyond the door.

Wooden Wonder

Leaving natural wood in its original state always gives off a classic look. This gated fence is no different, but it’s apparent the wood has been stained to give it that deep finish. Staining or sealing wood is a great idea for any outdoor wooden furnishings since the weather elements could eventually damage or decay the wood. This gorgeous fence and gate idea leaves these giant natural wood pillars in their natural state with a little added protection.

True Blue

When you think of a wrought iron fence, your mind will naturally go to that grey or black matte finished fence. Although that style will always be classic, mix up your fence idea by painting the wrought iron. The blue wrought iron fence pictured here is not only interesting to look at, but it also looks worn. The wear and tear from the weather have made this fence look effortlessly vintage. If that’s the look you’re going for, then painting a wrought iron fence would probably be best.

Rustic Garden

Give your garden space that extra rustic feel by utilising an interesting gate concept. This wrought-iron gate features what appears to be a rustic scene all in itself. The metalwork is fashioned to resemble maybe mountains or a desert plain. The cactuses and rocks in the surrounding landscape naturally help all of these concepts to meld together to create a southwestern space that is original and truly rustic. It proves that you can add so much by simply adding a gate to your outdoor area.

Grand Entrance

Ready for a grand entrance? You could add a magnificent gate like this one, complete with columns and gryphons, or go a little less grand (yet still impressive!) with some lions or other large, imposing animals. Bronze statues like these will run a bit pricey, but some concrete figures could suffice, especially if you use some outdoor spray metallic gold, bronze, or copper to bring out that shine when the sun hits them just so.

Soften Sleek Slats With Foliage

Looking for something a little more contemporary? Go for a sleek wooden style for your garden gate ideas. This one looks subtle yet smart as it effortlessly combines with the surrounding fence panels. Plus, a handy lock is good for added security.

A design like this is also great if you’re looking for garden privacy ideas, as it’ll keep any prying eyes out. For extra visual interest, add a boost of leafy green foliage along the top – take a look at our best climbing plants for ideas.

Pick A Blue Hue

Tones of blue always feel soothing and are a great choice for garden colour schemes. So why not embrace the hue for your garden gate ideas?

We adore this dusky, blue-grey tone with its air of sophistication and elegance. Small zinc planters on either side accent the look beautifully.

Also, note how the blue-themed palette is continued on the slatted fences beyond the gate. It is a simple yet effective way to give the whole plot a sense of cohesion.

Wooden Gate Designs

Up The Romance With A Floral Arch

Looking to add a touch of romance to your garden gate ideas? Then take inspiration from the gorgeous design above. 

A canopy of blooms trained around an archway will always provide a warm welcome. Opt for scented flowers, such as roses, to further boost the ambience. These pretty pink ones look picture-perfect against the white picket fence and gate.

Try A Lattice Design

A lattice design is a timeless choice, and when combined with a whimsical archway, it delivers an enchanting feel. Go for a wide, doubled-up design to make a bolder statement; it’ll be easier to get a wheelbarrow through if you’re using it to separate your veg patch from a lawn.

A honeyed hue adds a warming touch to the space. But, if you’re looking for something more vibrant for your garden gate ideas, you could always give it a lick of weather-resistant paint.

Complement The Exterior Of Your Home

Want to elevate your front garden ideas and make a striking first impression? Try this straightforward tip.

Match your garden gate’s colour to your other exterior features. This crisp white tone makes a lovely contrast against the red brick and beautifully ties the whole look together.

Go For Sleek And Solid Styles

Large contemporary style gates are often dark, solid and imposing, but thankfully, they don’t always have to be that way. There’s a growing number of aluminium options on the market. They are relatively light to operate, and with a hardwearing and smooth powder-coated finish (usually matt black), they create a smart first impression for garden gate ideas.

The real bonus is that many come with laser-cut fretwork panels. Designed to let the light partly filter through, they add a decorative touch and allow personalising the front of your property. 

Commission A Handcrafted Design

Indulge your artistic side and commission a local blacksmith to create a unique and ornate iron design for your garden gate ideas. Okay, it may not always be the thriftiest option, but the chance to have a one-off, handcrafted piece specially made for your home is something to treasure.

Try Traditional Swing Gates

Substantial and undeniably rural, wooden swing garden gate ideas are common on many country estates. They are robust and made from big timber, and they are often decoratively open in style and painted in distinct colours. 

Many designs still bear the hallmarks of times gone by, such as the crook-style topped posts – perfect for when you’re passing on horseback. 

Today’s designs are still striking but can be fully automated, and the design is adapted and repeated for smaller gates and doorways for a smart, coordinated look. 


So, what are the best wooden gate designs? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question, as each homeowner’s needs and preferences will be different. However, we hope that this article has provided you with some good ideas to search for the perfect wooden gate design for your home. If you need help finding a contractor or installer, our team can recommend someone to help you bring your dream gate to life. Thanks for reading!

FAQs About Builders Melbourne

Which Is The Best Wood Gate?

Redwood makes for a great value wooden gate. It is a moderately hard timber with red-brown heartwood that can match or complement a majority of an existing garden or perimeter fences. It is popular but needs to be treated more often than other woods to maintain its strength and appearance.

Which Type Of Gate Is Best For The Home?

A swing gate is ideal if you want an aesthetic appeal for your property. Furthermore, swing gates look very beautiful in their designs in this day and age. Earlier, the traditional look used to be similar for all the gates, but now it is easy to get tailor-made solutions.

What Type Of Wood Is Used For Gates?

Cedar, redwood and pressure-treated wood are the most popular options because they are weather resistant.

What Is The Best Material For A Garden Gate?

The best woods for garden gates are spruce, fir, pine, cypress, cedar and redwood. The ultimate choice comes down to your purchasing budget, personal style, maintenance budget and what climate your state has. Whatever wood you choose, keep it well maintained to protect it from the elements.

What Angle Should A Gate Brace Be?

Just remember: Compression braces are suitable for doors where the angle between the bottom rail and the brace is greater than 45°. Make sure both brace ends have full contact with the rails.

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